Embedded Engineering

Embedded systems power a tremendous number of things in our economy and in our every day lives. Some of these are close enough to standard desktop computers that many consumers recognize them as such – set top boxes for example. However many more are either small or large but most people just don’t see them. Some may be in an everyday object such as a wristwatch, a pedometer, or TV Remote control. Others may be hidden in the wall, underneath the hood of the car, inside our clothing.

Bramson Welch is interested in expanding the role and reach of these embedded systems. If you have a product idea – consumer, industrial, commercial, whatever – and you think or suspect that it needs or could benefit (or be made more inexpensively) with some type of microcontroller – come talk to us.

  • Architecture and Design
  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Host Software
  • USB
  • Digital Audio
  • Wireless
  • iPhone Accessories
  • Handheld