Eric Welch Resume

Eric Welch


I have over 45 years experience in System Engineering and Development including Hardware, Software, Expert Witness, and Firmware and Engineering Management.


  • High Level System Architecture Development and Evaluation
  • Expert Witness including deposition testimony
  • Forensic Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Digital Hardware Circuit Design and Debugging
  • Firmware Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Testability
  • Data Communications and peripheral interconnect including USB, SATA, PCI Express, TCP/IP networking
  • Multiprocessor interconnections and local bus architecture
  • Wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi, Wireless modem) hardware, firmware development
  • Made for iPhone/iPad
  • Familiarity with a wide variety of microcontrollers including Cortex-M3/4 (ST, Freescale, TI, etc.), 8051, x86, PIC, M8
  • Software Development in C/C++/Objective-C

October, 2007 – Present. President, Bramson Welch & Assoc., Inc.

Bramson Welch is an Engineering Services consultancy specializing in embedded systems, USB, RF, IR, Data Communications, mobile devices, iPhone accessories and litigation services including data analysis and Expert Witness.  I serve as System Architect and Project Strategist on all BWA projects.  I frequently work with multiple client groups to coordinate the design and architecture across many different technical and organizational domains.

Representative Projects:

  1. Invented a scheme for high-speed bus communication between COTS micro controllers with mitigation for matching different data rates
  2. Designed and developed several novel portable wireless, battery powered, data capture device for medical research.  This included a Bluetooth radio, microcontroller, Analog Front End and Smart Phone and PC support software.
  3. Served as testifying Expert Witness for the patent invalidation action Microsoft v Smart Skins, LLC involving smart phone peripherals.  This involved analyzing prior art in the market and in other earlier patents.
  4. Served as testifying Expert Witness for technology litigation involving USB adapter devices.
  5. Designed and developed a non-iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy locating device.
  6. Developed scheme for “plugging USB device into internet” by using Socketio and a local webpage
  7. Developed scheme for a custom USB device to deliver its own host software installer by temporarily emulating a Flash Drive.  Device automatically senses if its software is already running bypasses flash drive if so.
  8. Developed a scheme of running multiple firmware images on a Cortex-Mx processor to support field firmware update
  9. Lead a multiple-team development for a cross-platform consumer medical informatics software product.
  10. Designed and developed a general purpose, network connected, manufacturing fixture controller for a major consumer electronics manufacturer.
  11. Lead a team development of a Bluetooth iPhone accessory that connects survey grade GPS radios to the iPhone
  12. Implemented a wireless, handheld game controller with a high resolution touch screen that ran an embedded game programming language.
  13. Designed and developed a specialized USB communication subsystem for a line of consumer medical devices.
  14. Designed, evaluated, implemented, and certified numerous iPhone accessories
  15. Developed a high-end music player and speaker-phone iPhone accessory
  16. Advised several companies on possible approaches to iPhone Accessory development
  17. Developed software to help a major semiconductor company demonstrate a new face recognition image processing chip.
  18. Designed and developed a custom, gesture recognition Human Interface USB peripheral that ran a custom embedded scripting programming language within a micro-VM
  19. Advised clients and did development of RF designs, including antenna design, power management, range issues, and certification including 2.4 GHz RF Modems, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zig-Bee, etc.
  20. Served as Expert Witness in patent litigation involving programmable TV Remote Controls

1995 – 2007. VP Engineering & CTO, Keyspan, a division of InnoSys Incorporated

The Keyspan division of InnoSys develops and markets to the retail channel several lines of computer peripheral and communications devices such as USB adapters, computer remote control devices, USB and FireWire add on cards and related technology

Personally designed and developed core technology for the Keyspan business. Helped increase sales from less than $1MM in 1997 to $13MM in 1999.

Representative Projects:

  1. For Microsoft, developed an iPhone adapter cable for the MS Sync Media Player Device.
  2. A Patent Pending Network-attached USB Host Controller that allow USB devices to be shared over a network
  3. A Patent Pending wireless LCD remote control for the iPod with an RF Doc.
  4. Best-in-industry line of USB/Serial adapters
  5. Several IR and RF Remote control products for controlling a PC or Mac

1976 – 2007 VP Engineering & CTO InnoSys Incorporated

  • Co-founded InnoSys in 1976 and member of senior management team and board of directors
  • Served as chief architect and designer for firm
  • Managed Engineering Department with staff of ten including hardware, firmware, software and  QA
  • InnoSys is a computer hardware and software technology development and marketing company.  The Airline Gateway division develops and markets a line of specialized communication gateway products that create telecommunication infrastructure for such systems as WEB based travel booking systems.

Representative Projects:

  1. Managed a $2MM project to design, develop and deploy a sophisticated store and forward message switch for a major airline reservation system.  The system is still in use after 20 years.
  2. Developed several PCI serial communication plug-in computer accessory boards, along with associated firmware and host device driver software.
  3. Designed and developed a high performance scheduler and operating system for a line of embedded system protocol converters.  The converters were used by Amtrak’s ticket kiosks, by various airlines to pass flight plans, for inter-line traffic, etc.
  4. Gave deposition as an expert witness in a legal case involving software intellectual property rights
  5. Gave deposition in another case involving a major airline and a software company.
  6. Consulted with a high technology consumer electronics company in the design of an early (1980s) hand-held general purpose computer.
  7. Developed a multi-line high-fidelity digital sound delivery system for an automated phone response system


Designing a short-range RF link into a consumer-electronics product, EDN Magazine 7/8/2008

Patents Filed






IEEE – Senior Member

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)

Apple Made for iPhone Developer program


BA, Mathematics.  UC Berkeley, 1977