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iPhone Accessories
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You are… We are…
A startup with a cool idea… We can do everything – soup to nuts.
An established company with a specific need… We can provide very targeted development.
Facing “it all works except for…” We can “parachute in” to solve a particular problem.
You have prototyped something on an Arduino board or Raspberry PI and are wondering “what now?”… We are experts at taking prototypes into production.
You have had staff turnover and there are gaps in knowledge transfer… We can fill in the gap.
You have a messy “it just doesn’t work” problem… We can apply to advanced troubleshooting to solve your engineering issues.
Bramson Welch & Associates, Inc is a consulting and embedded engineering firm with over 40 years experience. We specialize in the development of hardware, firmware & software and in systems engineering.

We have completed “Internet of Things” projects such as the design of a device with GPS and Cell radios that regularly reports its physical location. We have built custom USB devices including a Medical device that supplies its host software via USB flash disk emulation. We helped build a line of custom iPhone cable and wireless adapters. We designed and prototyped a Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Monitor.

We have been working with the Arm Cortex family of chips since its release, including parts from ST, TI, Freescale, NXP and others. We have specific experience designing, implementing and certifying hardware/firmware products with the Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 families. We have been the primary engineering creator for dozens of successful Cortex-based products and devices.

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