We are problem solvers, system designers, expert C programmers, hardware engineers and security experts.  We excel at deeply embedded systems, smart phone accessories, mixed signal devices, IoT products and support software.  We serve as Expert Witness in IP and technology cases.

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Bramson Welch & Associates, Inc. is an engineering firm that specializes in deeply embedded systems (especially medical and industrial) and smart phone accessories.  We also do consulting, forensic engineering and act as expert witnesses.  We write firmware, design and debug hardware, design for manufacture and review existing and proposed designs.  We can create a complete system from the ground up, or join with other teams to supply the exact expertise that is needed.

We have deep experience with custom USB, Bluetooth, low power and IoT systems.

We have analyzed, improved and created highly secure IoT devices, smart phone accessories and hand held devices.

Key representative projects:

  1. Handheld Bluetooth medical sensor for clinical setting
  2. Mixed signal FPGA-based 150 MSPS automotive sensor data capture device
  3. Best-in-class wireless secure consumer medical device family
  4. Wireless smart phone interface for survey-grade GPS