We are problem solvers, system designers, expert C programmers and hardware engineers.  We excel at deeply embedded systems, smart phone accessories, mixed signal devices, IoT products and support software.  We serve as Expert Witness in IP and technology cases.

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We are experienced at all aspects of finding appropriate technology from off-the-shelf modules, open source, reference designs as well as customization and development from scratch.

We do Hardware Engineering including circuit design, circuit capture, PCB layout, parts sourcing, development of complete manufacturing packages, design and implementation of manufacturing test fixtures, software/firmware and backend support.

We do Software Engineering including detailed problem analysis, code module design and implementation, unit testing and documentation.

We do System Design by looking at the whole system — hardware, software and firmware.  This includes communication subsystems (USB, SATA and TCP/IP), off the shelf and custom hardware (CPU, radios, MEMS sensors, mixed signal, etc.) and software (commercial, custom, open source, etc.)  At all levels, we insure that the most appropriate technology is used.

Key representative projects:

  1. IoT mixed signal medical sensor
  2. A line of iPhone communications adapters
  3. A high-end music player and speaker-phone iPhone accessory
  4. Wireless smart phone interface for survey-grade GPS