Representative Projects

About Us – Projects

What do we do? Here are some of Bramson Welch and Associates’s past accomplishments:

Consumer Electronics:

  1. Design and implementation of a special purpose, end user programmable USB gaming mouse with proprietary gesture recognition (architecture, hardware, firmware, host software)
  2. A cost sensitive device that played customized, high fidelity digital sound (hardware review, firmware)
  3. A table-top digital music player with specialized RF, USB and an iPhone interface (architecture, hardware, firmware, DSP firmware, host software)
  4. A hand-held, user programmable, LCD-based game controller involving USB, specialized RF, real time animation (architecture, hardware, firmware, host software)

Industrial Electronics

1. A USB device for calibrating industrial lasers (hardware review, firmware BSP, firmware boot loader and field firmware update, host driver software)
2. A microcontroller-based device for measuring the weight of freight truck payloads (BSP firmware)


1. A design study for a special purpose consumer medical device that would support USB OTG printing
2. Design and Implementation of a handheld, battery powered, USB attachable, microcontroller-based consumer medical device (architecture, hardware review, firmware, host software)


1. Advised a major consumer GPS products company in the development of a GPS iPhone accessory
2. Evaluated the ST STA2056 (perhaps a precursor to the current ST Cartesio and Tesio offerings) for a design of a high-end consumer pedometer which included both a GPS radio and an accelerometer. For marketing reasons the device development wasn’t completed.
3. Designed and built an iPhone accessory development system which included an electronic compass