Organizational Development

Description of Available Consulting Services

Organizational Development Services:

Organizational Analysis and Audits
Organizational Change and Growth
Team Creation, Planning, and Building
Conflict Mediation and Trust Building
Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
Job Position Analysis and Job Description Reports
Workload and Work Stress: Measurement, Analysis, and Remediation
Role Clarification
Small and Large Group Work
Individual and Executive Coaching
Individual and Group Training Sessions
Questionnaire Development and Interviewing
Survey Results Analysis and Reporting
Workshops: InQ – Styles of Thinking, Positive Organizational Culture, and Coping with Difficult People

Planning and Administrative Development Services:

Strategic Planning and Implementation, Advice, Facilitation and Retreats
Business Environment Analysis
Business Plan Development
Research and Report Writing
Board and Staff Meeting Facilitation
Board Training
Project Planning and Management

Non-Profit and Government Organization Support Services:

Grant Preparation and Advice
Planning, Facilitation, and Support Leading To Accreditation Success
Program Effectiveness Evaluation and Enhancement
Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness in an Era of Scarce Resources

Research Services:

Industry Segment Research
Focus Groups
Market Surveys and Product Research
Stakeholder, Client, Customer, and/or Staff Satisfaction Surveys
Patent and Copyright Research

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