Bluetooth Low Energy to Node.js Gateway/bridge Demonstrated at IEEE/CPMT

Bramson Welch & Assoc., Inc. demonstrates Bluetooth Low Energy to Node.js Gateway/bridge at the IEEE/CPMT Wearable Technology — Seminar and Tabletop Exposition. Santa Clara, CA. August 20, 2014: Bramson Welch demonstrated a proof of concept data communication infrastructure mechanism for connecting Wearable BTLE enabled devices to the cloud. This communications… (read more)

Boot Loader

Firmware Update and Boot Loader Modern flash-based micro-controller-based products can have a firmware architecture that allows their firmware to be updated after the product has shipped.  This can be done to add features to a product, to address bugs, or to provide some type of special product customization for the… (read more)

Field Firmware Update

Field Firmware Update over USB Many micro-controller-based products can now benefit from the ability of updating that product’s firmware in the field after it has shipped.  This firmware update can be to address bugs, or add new features, or both.  This is both a value proposition for the customer as… (read more)