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Eric Welch

Eric Welch has over 40 years experience in Embedded Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.  He is President of Bramson Welch & Associates, Inc., an Engineering Services and Consulting firm, since 2007.

He co-founded Keyspan in 1995 and served as chief designer, Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technology Officer.  From 1996 through 2007 Keyspan manufactured and marketed microcontroller-based communications adapters and Remote Controls.  Some notable products include the industry’s most popular USB/Serial adapter; a USB Server that allows USB devices to be connected to a host over a network; and a two-way wireless LCD-based Remote control for the iPod.  Keyspan is now part of TripLite.

He co-founded InnoSys Inc in 1976, served as its Vice President of Engineering and developed specialized communication interface devices for the travel and airline industry.  Some of these devices were self-contained protocol converters; some were plug in communication co-processors for high end PCs and servers.

He has a Bachelors degree in Math from UC Berkeley.

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Jeremy Bramson

Vice President and Engineering Lead.


Marni Welch

Marni Welch is one of three principals in Bramson Welch, where she provides technical research, planning, and project management on all BWA projects, and consulting for start-ups, partnerships, and profit and non-profit businesses in technical project planning, management, and team facilitation, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, executive coaching, and group and individual training in interpersonal communication, thinking styles, time management, and work process issues.

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